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What the service does

This is a frontend microservice for Agent Client Authorisation.

Invitations service currently provides these functions:

  • Agent can create an invitation to represent a client for specific tax regime
  • Client can accept or decline an agent's invitation
  • Agent can view their authorisation requests and inactive relationships from the last 30 days (track)
  • Agent fast track service

Clients can 'personal' or 'buisness' and includes trusts (taxable and non-taxable).

Currently this service supports the following invitaitons:

  • ITSA, including alternative itsa
  • Personal Income Record
  • Capital Gains Tax on UK property account
  • Plastic Packaging Tax should be supported in 2022.

Feature flags exist for each service and for requirement of known facts.


Running the tests

sbt test it:test

Running the tests with coverage

sbt clean coverageOn test it:test coverageReport

Running the app locally

sbt run

It should then be listening on port 9448

browse http://localhost:9448/invitations/agents


All Endpoints require Authentication.

For Agents

Start page for Agents:

GET   	/invitations/agents/

Fast Track Invitation:

API to create a fast-track invitation.

POST   /invitations/agents/fast-track

The following are the supported services and relevant fields required to create a fast track invitation:

clientType service clientIdentifierType clientIdentifier knownFact
personal HMRC-MTD-IT ni Valid Nino Postcode
personal PERSONAL-INCOME-RECORD ni Valid Nino Date of Birth
personal or business HMRC-MTD-VAT vrn Valid Vat Registration Number Date of Client's VAT Registration
personal or business HMRC-CGT-PD CGTPDRef Valid CGT-PD reference number Postcode
business HMRC-TERS-ORG utr Valid UTR Date of trust registration
business HMRC-TERSNT-ORG urn Valid URN Date of trust registration

Note: Client Type and Known Fact are optional. If either of those are missing you will be redirected to the appropriate page. However, if any other information is missing / invalid / unsupported, you will be given an error url.

For Clients

Start Page for Clients:

    GET     /invitations/{clientType}/{uid}/{agentName}


This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License