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Delegated auth rules for play-authorisation library to allow access to agents to their clients' data. Currently it supports Self-Assessment tax regime (IR-SA).

Example usage for SA

object TestController extends BaseController {

  def handleGet(saUtr: String) = Action {
    Ok("you are in")
GET    /sa/:saUtr

Note that your endpoint must have the client's identifier, i.e., SA UTR, in the URL. This is a requirement by play-authorisation, review the source/docs of AuthorisationFilter for more details about how it gets parsed.

controllers { = {
    authParams {
      confidenceLevel = 50
      delegatedAuthRule = sa-auth

The play-authorisation library will get the tax regime and the client identifier in that regime from the URL path using a pattern. (default: /([\w]+)/([^/]+)/?.*, override with the pattern conf key; tax regime is also overridable with the account configuration key). In the example it is going to be 'SA' and the SA UTR. Auth service will check if the given user is logged in, and if the logged-in user is an agent, it will delegate to Agent Access Control as the delegatedAuthRule is set to sa-auth.

N.B.: all of the above is about how to use this with the current version of play-authorisation, 3.3.0.


GET /agent-access-control/sa-auth/agent/:agentCode/client/:saUtr

Headers: need to contain a valid Authorization header.

Possible responses:

code scenario
200 saUtr is assigned to logged in agent for Self-Assessment (Enrolment Store Proxy check) AND the logged in user's agency (agentCode) has a valid authorisation to act on behalf of saUtr for dealing with Self-Assessment (HODs check).
401 The conditions are not met.
502 In case of any error responses in downstream services.
504 In case of a timeout while querying downstream services.
GET /ping/ping

Always 200 with empty body.

GET /admin/metrics

Displays metrics as JSON.

GET /admin/details



This code is open source software licensed under the Apache 2.0 License