guardian / tags-thrift-schema Edit

Definition of the tag data model

Version Matrix


This repository contains the Thrift schema required for interaction with guardian/tagmanager.


To download you should be able to simply add a dependency similar to the following (with your desired version):

"" %% "tags-thrift-schema" % "0.6.3"

Testing Locally

If you need to try out your changes with consumer applications (e.g. tagmanager) then...

Publishing a new version

  1. Follow the instructions for publishing a new version to Maven Central via Sonatype. This will include (if not already completed for another project):
    • Creating and publishing a PGP key
    • Setting up an account on Sonatype and having it added to the group
    • Storing your Sonatype credentials in your global sbt configuration
  2. Ensure you're on the branch which holds the changes you're ready to release and that these changes have been approved & tested with the application(s) which use this library (using the -SNAPSHOT version).
  3. Ensure the project still builds with sbt compile
  4. Run sbt release. You will be prompted for a 'release version' – which you should set following semantic versioning as either a patch, minor or major version bump. You will also be prompted for a 'next version' – which should be a patch version ahead of your release version and end -SNAPSHOT. version.sbt will be updated to reflect this 'next version'.