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Content API Thrift models

Maven Central Build Status

Ensure the version is composed of three parts (1.2.3) as NPM doesn't accept shorter versions such as 1.2.

The release cross command will publish to Maven Central via Sonatype. You will need Sonatype credentials and a PGP key. It can take up to 2hrs to show up in search.

release NPM will release the typescript package to NPM. Ensure you have an NPM account, part of the @guardian org with a configured token

To release, in the SBT repl:

release cross // will release the scala / thrift projects
project typescript
releaseNpm <version> // you have to specify the version again i.e releaseNpm 1.0.0

Information about built bundles

The content-api-models project builds the following bundles:

  • content-api-models-scala - A jar containing Scrooge generated class files based on the Thrift definitions of the content api models found in the content-api-models dependency.

  • content-api-models-json - A jar containing Json serializers and deserializers. Used internally by the content api and also by the content-api-scala-client to convert from Elasticsearch returned json to the Scrooge-generated Thrift classes. As a client you should never need to depend on this explicitly, although you may have a transitive dependency on it if using the content-api-scala-client.

  • content-api-models - A jar containing the Thrift definitions of the content api models only. As a client it is unlikely that you should ever need to depend on this but rather use the content-api-models-scala dependency instead.

  • @guardian/content-api-models - An npm package containing the generated models and their type definitions.

Publishing locally

To publish a snapshot version locally.

sbt +publishLocal