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Developer notifications service

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…every undelivered message is a piece of space-time that lacks another end, a little bundle of effort and emotion floating freely.

~ Terry Pratchett

Notification service for the Guardian's dev teams.


The current version of Anghammard's client is 1.0.4.


To use Anghammarad from your project, include its client library in your sbt dependencies.

"" %% "anghammarad-client" % <latest-version>

The Anghammarad client contains a function that will send a notification.


Anghammarad.notify( ... )

Details about the function's arguments are available in the javadoc.

Releasing the client

You will need:

  • Sonatype account that has been whitelisted for the Guardian's group
  • A published PGP key
  • Global SBT configuration to include your sonatype ceredentials

With the above in place, you can release a new version using sbt's release command from the root project.

sbt release

The sbt-release plugin will suggest the next version number, but consider what the next version number should be by considering the change against the semantic versioning guidelines.