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Split Brain Resolver for Akka cluster

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Akka Split Brain Resolver

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What it is

it provides split brain resolver for static akka cluster using quorum strategy.


add dependency to your build.sbt

"org.guangwenz" %% "akka-down-resolver" % "1.2.4",


akka.cluster.downing-provider-class = "org.guangwenz.akka.cluster.SplitBrainResolver"
guangwenz.cluster.split-brain-resolver {
    active-strategy = static-quorum
    #the time to wait before resolving the split brain situation.
    stable-after = 7s

    static-quorum {
        # N / 2 + 1 is the recommend settings for this quorum size.
        quorum-size = 6

check reference.conf for more config options.


Lightbend Split Brain Resolver Doc