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Part of the Gressy Project.

This module provides a few goodies required for the auto-panel functionality:

  • Base Entity class that all other entities should subclass
  • Base User class, needed for the panel auth
  • Panel Controller which provides basic CRUD for all entity types
  • User Controller for panel login/logout
  • Some misc helpers needed internally, which can be useful for your API too


You can see an usage example at gressy-demo.

Developing Gressy

Checklist before publishing new versions:

  • Test the new release locally with the other projects by adding it to the local repository:

    activator clean compile publish-local

  • Check your environment and make sure you have the required credentials for Maven Central:

    • Check that an authorized PGP key is available

      gpg --list-keys

    • Check for access credentials at local sbt config

      cat ~/.sbt/0.13/sonatype.sbt

  • Check that the version number has been updated and is correct.

  • Do the actual publication.

    activator clean compile publishSigned sonatypeRelease

And you're set! The new release should show in the search engine in an hour or two.

For more details, check the following resources: