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Inflatable Raft - A Scala based PnP leader election library for use in AWS

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Inflatable Raft - A Scala based PnP leader election library for use in AWS, built on Akka & using the Raft algorithm to come to a consensus regarding a leader.

Designed for use in a distributed Play application, deployed in an auto-scaling cluster in Amazon EC2 (in a single region only). Uses AWS's auto-scaling java client to discover EC2 instances and creates an akka-cluster from the auto-scaling group members. A partial implementation of the Raft algorithm is then used to perform leader election.


Settings read from application.conf at the root of the classpath, or as JVM run parameters.

  • akka.port - The port to look for akka-cluster instances on.
  • inflatable.local - true to run locally and bypass AWS discovery.
  • inflatable.single-node-cluster - true to set leader even if only local node is available
  • aws.credentials - access-key & secret-key to pass to the AWS client for EC2 instance discovery

Example Usage (Play Application)


import com.teambytes.inflatable.Inflatable

object Global extends play.api.GlobalSettings {

  implicit val ec = play.api.libs.concurrent.Execution.defaultContext

  override def onStart(app: play.api.Application) = {
    Inflatable.startLeaderElection(new TestLeaderElectionHandler(), app.configuration.underlying)



import java.util.concurrent.{Executors, ScheduledExecutorService}

import com.teambytes.inflatable.{PeriodicTask, SchedulingInflatableLeader}
import play.core.NamedThreadFactory

class TestLeaderElectionHandler extends SchedulingInflatableLeader {

  val tasks = Set(new TestPeriodicJob())

  override def leaderExecutor: ScheduledExecutorService = Executors.newScheduledThreadPool(1, new NamedThreadFactory("test-job"))

  override def leaderTasks: Iterable[PeriodicTask] = tasks


import com.teambytes.inflatable.PeriodicTask
import play.api.Logger

class TestPeriodicJob extends PeriodicTask {

  import scala.concurrent.duration._

  override def periodMs: Long = 5.seconds.toMillis

  override def run(): Unit = {
        |Running test periodic job here and now!!!!!!!

Running Locally

When running locally with a single instance, make sure to provide -Dinflatable.single-node-cluster=true -Dinflatable.local=true


Apache 2.0

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