gmethvin / orphan-finder

A Scala compiler plugin for finding orphaned instances



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A Scala compiler plugin for finding orphan expressions in Scala code. An orphan expression of type T occurs when the result of an expression of type T is discarded. For example, an orphan Future occurs when a Future result is not assigned to a value, returned, or otherwise transformed. This can often indicate a bug in the code.

Currently, the implementation simply checks for statements within blocks matching the configured type(s). Note that this does not cover the cases already covered by the -Ywarn-value-discard compiler option.

The demo module in this repository shows an example of warnings emitted. The output looks something like:

[warn] /Users/greg/projects/orphan-finder/demo/src/main/scala/io/methvin/orphanfinder/Demo.scala:12:11: Orphan scala.concurrent.Future found!
[warn]     Future("hello")
[warn]           ^
[warn] /Users/greg/projects/orphan-finder/demo/src/main/scala/io/methvin/orphanfinder/Demo.scala:15:57: Orphan scala.concurrent.Future found!
[warn]     Future(throw new RuntimeException("hello")).recover {
[warn]                                                         ^


To use this plugin, add the following to build.sbt:

  autoCompilerPlugins := true,
  addCompilerPlugin("io.methvin" %% "orphan-finder" % orphanFinderVersion cross CrossVersion.full),
  scalacOptions ++= Seq(
    // Configure the orphan types you want to warn about

where orphanFinderVersion is the version you wish to use. The latest is: Maven.