glorat / dlcrypto

Scala library for cryptocraphic functions useful for creating custom crypto-safe distributed ledgers like Bitcoin or blockchains

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A collection of Scala libraries and classes that wrap cryptographic functions as used in Bitcoin plus other useful functions into a set of high level type safe interfaces.

Those types are useful as building blocks for creating PKI or blockchain based applications

Included libraries are

  • dlcrypto_core - All the core type safe interfaces used across the libraries
  • dlcrypto_ecdsa - A public key signing/verification implementation based on ECDSA and Bitcoin's specific flavour of it
  • dlcrypto_encode - An encoding library suitable for cryptographic hashing of Scala DTO
  • dlcrypto_mock - A mock public key library suitable for testing

For more information of each, please see the individual for each library


JCE Unlimited Policy files must be enabled. See your Java documentation on how to do this. Otherwise, you will see tests fail

Aside from that pre-requisites are obvious. The author has been primarily developing against Java 8. Build system is based on sbt

Copyright 2018 Kevin Tam