gilt / gfc-kinesis

A library providing simple Scala API for Amazon Kinesis. Part of the gilt foundation classes

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This project is deprecated. We will not accept pull requests or make any changes to this repo going forward. If you are using gfc-kinesis already and want to add new features or fix any bugs you may find, feel free to fork the repo and continue development there.

Otherwise, we recommend using instead, a much more lightweight scala wrapper for the AWS Kinesis Client Library, that Gilt will continue to actively support.


A library providing simple Scala API for Amazon Kinesis, for event publishers and consumers. This library is part of the gilt foundation classes.

Simple Configuration

This library allows simple configuration for both consumers and publishers. The configurations come with readonable defaults (where possible).

Typed API

This library provides a typed API that allows applications to be written in terms of typed events.

The entry point to this API is the com.gilt.gfc.kinesis.KinesisFactory. This can be used to create a Publisher:

val config = new KinesisPublisherConfig {
    override val regionName = "us-west-1"

def convertString(str: String) = RawRecord(str.getBytes, PartitionKey("sensible-partition-key"))

val publisher = KinesisFactory.newPublisher("my-stream-name", config, convertString)

// Now publish some events...

or an event Receiver, which in turn can be used to consume events:

val config = new KinesisConsumerConfig {
    override val appName = "example-app-name"
    override val regionName = "us-west-1"

def convert(record: RawRecord): Option[String] = Some(new String(

val receiver = KinesisFactory.newReceiver("my-stream-name", config, convert)

def onEvent(event: String) = println(s"Received event: $event")



By default, the Kinesis receiver here checkpoints the stream/shard every 1 minute. This can be changed by specifying a different com.gilt.gfc.kinesis.consumer.CheckpointingStrategy which allows for various strategies, including age, event throughput, per-batch, per-shard sequence-number tracking, or various other combinations.

Closer to Kinesis

In addition to the typed API, this library also provides a lower level raw API, for both consumer (com.gilt.gfc.kinesis.consumer.RawKinesisStreamConsumer) and publisher (com.gilt.gfc.kinesis.publisher.RawKinesisStreamPublisher).

This raw API allow for more detailed integration with Kinesis, which may be useful if the event based API is too abstract for certain specific use cases.

The Typed API is built on top of this raw API.

Raw Stream Publisher

Package com.gilt.gfc.kinesis.publisher provides a lightweight wrapper for producing events into a kinesis stream.

val config = new KinesisPublisherConfig {
    override val regionName = "us-west-1"

val producer = RawKinesisStreamPublisher("my-stream-name", config)

val futureResult = producer.putRecord(ByteBuffer.wrap("hello world".getBytes), )
                                      PartitionKey("some partition key value"))

// Simple example only
val result = Await.result(futureResult, Duration.Inf)

Raw Stream Consumer

Package com.gilt.gfc.kinesis.consumer provides a lightweight wrapper for Amazon's Java client library (IRecordProcessorFactory, etc.) - this includes using DynamoDB for lease/checkpoint coordination of streams (and shards thereof).

val config = new KinesisConsumerConfig {
    override val appName = "example-app-name"
    override val regionName = "us-west-1"

val consumer = RawKinesisStreamConsumer("my-stream-name", config) {
    (recordBatch, checkpoint) =>
        recordBatch.foreach { record =>
           println(new String(record.getData.array))

        if (checkpoint.age > 1.minute) checkpoint()



Copyright 2015 Gilt Groupe, Inc.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: