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Lightweight dependency injection engine and DI-driven tools.



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Refuel is a simple and lightweight DI framework
Provides DI, utility, JSON parser, HTTPClient, etc. suitable for layered architecture.
You can replace second or third party injections from anywhere and easily handle multi-project configuration dependencies.


DI container provides powerful injection with macro.
Just by Mixining a specific trait, it will be loaded automatically into DI container.
It is also possible to easily change dependencies from test cases or allow access only from arbitrary scopes.


Rich type class interfaces.
Provides extended functions such as date and time, period, and collection.


You can handle JSON most easily with macro. Even without warming up, the conversion works fast and requires little declaration of serialize / deserialize codecs.


Http server client with Akka-HTTP.
In future, we plan to implement test stub control by dependency injection..


In preparation.


In preparation.