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sbt plugin to deploy code to AWS Lambda

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An sbt plugin to deploy code to AWS Lambda. A fork and new home of the unmaintained Gilt sbt plugin, now under the GFC Collective umbrella, maintained by some of the original authors.

This plugin is available for sbt 1.x. The latest version (1.2.0) was released on 27/Mar/2020.


Add the following to your project/plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("org.gfccollective" % "sbt-aws-lambda" % "1.2.0")

Add the AwsLambdaPlugin auto-plugin to your build.sbt:



sbt configureLambda Creates a new AWS Lambda if it doesn't exist yet, or updates the Lambda configuration, if it has changed.

sbt deployLambda Packages and deploys the current project to an existing AWS Lambda.

Deprecated Usage

The plugin also has the following deprecated tasks:

sbt createLambda creates a new AWS Lambda function from the current project.

sbt updateLambda updates an existing AWS Lambda function with the current project.


sbt-aws-lambda can be configured using sbt settings, environment variables or by reading user input at deploy time

sbt setting Environment variable Description
s3Bucket AWS_LAMBDA_BUCKET_ID The name of an S3 bucket where the lambda code will be stored
s3KeyPrefix AWS_LAMBDA_S3_KEY_PREFIX The prefix to the S3 key where the jar will be uploaded
lambdaName AWS_LAMBDA_NAME The name to use for this AWS Lambda function. Defaults to the project name
handlerName AWS_LAMBDA_HANDLER_NAME Java class name and method to be executed, e.g. com.example.Lambda::myMethod
roleArn AWS_LAMBDA_IAM_ROLE_ARN The ARN of an IAM role to use when creating a new Lambda
region AWS_REGION The name of the AWS region to connect to. Defaults to us-east-1
awsLambdaTimeout AWS_LAMBDA_TIMEOUT The Lambda timeout in seconds (1-900). Defaults to AWS default.
awsLambdaMemory AWS_LAMBDA_MEMORY The amount of memory in MB for the Lambda function (128-1536, multiple of 64). Defaults to AWS default.
lambdaHandlers Sequence of Lambda names to handler functions (for multiple lambda methods per project). Overrides lambdaName and handlerName if present.
deployMethod AWS_LAMBDA_DEPLOY_METHOD The preferred method for uploading the jar, either S3 for uploading to AWS S3 or DIRECT for direct upload to AWS Lambda
deadLetterArn AWS_LAMBDA_DEAD_LETTER_ARN The ARN of the Lambda function's dead letter SQS queue or SNS topic, to receive unprocessed messages
vpcConfigSubnetIds AWS_LAMBDA_VPC_CONFIG_SUBNET_IDS Comma separated list of subnet IDs for the VPC
vpcConfigSecurityGroupIds AWS_LAMBDA_VPC_CONFIG_SECURITY_GROUP_IDS Comma separated list of security group IDs for the VPC
environment Seq[(String, String)] of environment variables to set in the lambda function
lambdaRuntime The Lambda Runtime to use. Currently supported values are "java8" and "java11". Default is "java8"

An example configuration might look like this:

retrieveManaged := true


lambdaHandlers := Seq(
  "function1"                 -> "com.example.Lambda::handleRequest1",
  "function2"                 -> "com.example.Lambda::handleRequest2",
  "function3"                 -> "com.example.OtherLambda::handleRequest3"

// or, instead of the above, for just one function/handler
// lambdaName := Some("function1")
// handlerName := Some("com.example.Lambda::handleRequest1")

s3Bucket := Some("lambda-jars")

awsLambdaMemory := Some(192)

awsLambdaTimeout := Some(30)

roleArn := Some("arn:aws:iam::123456789000:role/lambda_basic_execution")

(note that you will need to use a real ARN for your role rather than copying this one).

Customizing the packaging step

By default, sbt-aws-lambda uses sbt-assembly to package a fat jar that includes your project and all its dependencies. In some cases you may want to override this and provide a different task that sbt-aws-lambda should call to package the jar. To do this, override the packageLambda task key with a different task that produces an package file, like sbt-native-package or the built-in packageBin task:

// Use sbt-native-packager
packageLambda := (packageBin in Universal).value
// Use project jar only
packageLambda := (packageBin in Compile).value

Scala.js Support

Add the following to your project/plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("org.scala-js" % "sbt-scalajs" % "1.0.0")
addSbtPlugin("org.gfccollective" % "sbt-aws-lambda-scalajs" % "1.2.0")

Add the following plugins to your build.sbt:

enablePlugins(ScalaJSPlugin, AwsLambdaPlugin, AwsLambdaScalaJSPlugin)

You need to put a javascript to be the handler in the project root. Refer example project. The runtimes that can be specified in lambdaRuntime are nodejs10.x and nodejs12.x. (Defaults to nodejs12.x)

Publishing new versions of this plugin

This plugin uses sbt-sonatype to publish to maven central

sbt publishSigned sonatypeRelease