Frugal Mechanic Async HTTP Client and Server

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This is our Async Http Client & Server for Scala based on Netty

Basic Server Usage

import fm.http.server.{HttpServer, RequestRouter, Response}
import fm.http.server.RouteMatchers._
import scala.concurrent.Future

val router: RequestRouter = RequestRouter{
  case GET("/") => Future.successful(Response.Ok("Home Page"))

val server: HttpServer = HttpServer(8080, router, "<auth_key>")

Basic Client Usage

import fm.http.client.{FullStringResponse, HttpClient, Response}
import scala.concurrent.Future

// Create an HttpClient with default options
val client: HttpClient = HttpClient()

val res: Future[FullStringResponse] = client.getFullString("http://localhost:8080/")

res.foreach{ r: FullStringResponse => assert(r.body == "Home Page") }


Tim Underwood (GitHub, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google Plus)


Copyright Frugal Mechanic


Apache License, Version 2.0