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PostgreSQL protocol support for Finagle

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Finagle Postgres

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This library provides PostgreSQL database support for Finagle.


See the GitHub Pages

Using the Postgres client


Finagle Postgres is published on Maven Central. Use the following sbt snippet to bring it as a dependency.

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
  "io.github.finagle" %% "finagle-postgres" % "0.12.0"

Connecting to the DB

val client = Postgres.Client()
  .withCredentials("user", Some("password"))
  .withSessionPool.maxSize(1) //optional; default is unbounded

Selecting with simple query

val f ="select * from users") {row =>
    User(row.getString("email"), row.getString("name"))
logger.debug("Responded " + Await.result(f))





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