epfl-lara / stainless

Verification framework for higher-order functional programs


Stainless 0.1 Build Status

Verification framework for a subset of the Scala programming language. Supports contract-driven verification as well as termination checking of higher-order functional programs with local imperative features (see Pure Scala and Imperative for more details about the supported fragment).

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Relation to Inox

Stainless relies on Inox to solve the various queries stemming from program verification. Inox supports model-complete queries in a feature-rich fragment that lets Stainless focus on program transformations and soundness of both contract and termination checking.

Relation to Leon

The Stainless/Inox stack has grown out of the Leon codebase and subsumes the verification and termination checking features of Leon. The new projects aim to provide a more stable and principled implementation of the verification techniques underlying Leon. Feature-wise, Stainless has already outgrown Leon verification and provides new features such as higher-order contracts and contract-based termination checking.