BigQuery Scala Api

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There are many libraries for Google Cloud Platform except for Scala.

Currently we aim at

  • Create BigQuery jobs for running queries and tasks


1.1.1 and above

Add the following to build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "com.emarsys" %% "gcs-bigquery-scala-api" % "1.1.1"

Prior to 1.1.1

Add the following to build.sbt:

resolvers += "gcs-bigquery-scala-api on GitHub" at ""
libraryDependencies += "com.emarsys" %% "gcs-bigquery-scala-api" % "1.1.0"

Getting Started

Create api instance:

    val bigQueryInstance = BigQueryApi(projectName, Config.credentialWrite)

Create TableReference for a BigQuery table:

    val tableReference = BqTableReference("[project]", "[dataSet]", "[table]")

Create command factory which will use the api instance to create commands:

     val commandFactory = new CommandFactory {
          override implicit val bigQuery = bigQueryInstance

Following table commands can be used:

  • drop table
  • create table
  • insert data

Following job commands can be used:

  • copy data to table (TableReference)
  • extract data to url in file format (default csv)
  • insert data from file (default csv)


Specify the GCS_READ_KEY env var in the .env file, then run sbt test.

Creating a release

This library is using sbt-release-early for releasing artifacts. Every push will be released to maven central, see the plugins documentation on the versioning schema.

To cut a final release:

Choose the appropriate version number according to semver then create and push a tag with it, prefixed with v. For example:

$ git tag -s v1.1.1
$ git push --tag

After pushing the tag, while it is not strictly necessary, please draft a release on github with this tag too.