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Scala configuration library supporting HOCON for Scala, Java, Scala.js, and Scala Native

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CI Scala.js

Configuration library written in Scala which is a direct translation of the original widely used Java library.

Scala JVM, Scala Native, and Scala.js are supported. Scala JVM is fully supported whereas the other platforms support a subset of the full API.

For motivation and background about this project see the PR to the original project. The TLDR is the library was ported to Scala to support Scala Native so scalafmt which uses HOCON configuration could be compiled into a native application.

Care has been taken to keep the API the same but changes were needed when moving from the Java API. Using Java is also possible as demonstrated by including the working Java examples.

If you are looking for the original Java API, see https://github.com/lightbend/config.


Maven Central

libraryDependencies += "org.ekrich" %% "sconfig" % "x.y.z"

To use in sbt, replace x.y.z with the version from Maven Central badge above.

For non-JVM projects use %%% but please refer to the guide below for critical Scala Native and Scala.js usage information. The TLDR is that you must add a java.time library dependency to your project. Currently, the only library available is sjavatime. Refer to the sjavatime home page for the current version.

Scala Native and Scala.js - A guide to using Scala Native and Scala.js.

All available versions can be seen at the Maven Repository.

Cross Build Versions


Scala Version JVM Scala.js (1.x) Native (0.4.x)
3.0.x n/a

Usage and Help

Scaladoc Join chat https://gitter.im/ekrich/sconfig

Please refer to the original library documentation here. This is to reduce the maintenance burden of this library.

The intent is to keep the library in sync with the original but each PR needs to be be ported to maintain feature parity. The documentation could contain features that are not yet implemented in this library.

For specific changes, refer to the releases below.

Migrating an existing Scala project from lightbend/config to sconfig

sconfig Scala version support Latest scalafix version

This project publishes a scalafix rule to migrate existing Scala 2 source code that uses com.typesafe.config.Config to this implementation. Scalafix rules modify in place existing valid Scala code. Think of it as a fancy find-and-replace tool that is aware of the Scala type system and can therefore narrowly tailor the changes being made. (Since scalafix changes the source code on your file system, it's best to commit any changes prior to running the rule, in case something weird happens.)

The rule will replace com.typesafe.config package references with org.ekrich.config, and remove trailing parens on some methods (where the API changed from the Java implementation).

Complete setup documentation and the current scalafix version can be found in the scalafix user guide. At a high level, the process is as follows:

  1. Enable scalafix in the project's build:

    • Add this to the project's project/plugins.sbt file using the version found above:

      addSbtPlugin("ch.epfl.scala" % "sbt-scalafix" % "a.b.c")
    • Add this to the project's build.sbt:

      ThisBuild / semanticdbEnabled := true
      ThisBuild / semanticdbVersion := scalafixSemanticdb.revision
  2. Add this project to the project's libraryDependencies, but don't remove the old one yet!

    (The old dependency needs to stay on the classpath until after the rule runs, because the code must compile before it will run.)

  3. Run the scalafix sbt task shown below to apply the rule using the version of sconfig selected. Replace the x.y.z below with the version (must be greater than version 1.4.5 when scalafix was added):

    scalafixAll dependency:ReplaceTypesafeConfig@org.ekrich:sconfig-scalafix:x.y.x
  4. Remove the old config dependency from the project's libraryDependencies

  5. Commit the changes


Release 1.4.5 - (2021-10-08)
Release 1.4.4 - (2021-05-13)
Release 1.4.3 - (2021-05-12)
Release 1.4.2 - (2021-04-01)
Release 1.4.1 - (2021-02-24)
Release 1.4.0 - (2021-01-26)
Release 1.3.6 - (2020-12-21)
Release 1.3.5 - (2020-11-24)
Release 1.3.4 - (2020-11-03)
Release 1.3.3 - (2020-09-14)
Release 1.3.2 - (2020-09-01)
Release 1.3.1 - (2020-07-24)
Release 1.3.0 - (2020-05-01)
Release 1.2.2 - (2020-04-28)
Release 1.2.1 - (2020-02-18)
Release 1.1.3 - (2019-12-27)
Release 1.0.0 - (2019-08-05)
Release 0.9.2 - (2019-06-10)
Release 0.9.1 - (2019-05-22)
Release 0.9.0 - (2019-05-21)
Release 0.8.0 - (2019-04-23)
Release 0.7.6 - (2019-04-10)
Release 0.7.5 - (2019-04-05)
Release 0.7.0 - (2018-12-14)