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Scala cross platform configuration library supporting HOCON



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Configuration library for Scala which is a direct translation from the original widely used Java library.

Care has been taken to keep the API the same but source changes are needed to use this library. Otherwise we recommend the original at https://github.com/lightbend/config.

This is a work in progress with the goal to support JVM, Scala Native, and Scala.js.


Maven Central

libraryDependencies += "org.ekrich" %% "sconfig" % "X.Y.Z"

To use in sbt, replace X.Y.Z with the version from Maven Central badge above.

Usage and Help

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The following changes are needed if migrating from the original Java version.

  • Change the package organization name from com.typesafe to org.ekrich.
  • Other code sites may require removing () where the method just returns state. This is to follow the Scala convention which supports the uniform access principle [1].
  • The serialization format has changed due to the package name change. This could require special consideration.

The following document copies are local to this repository but internal links may refer to the original site documents via hyperlink.

Overview - A comprehensive guide to configuration.

HOCON - The HOCON Specification


Release 0.7.0 - (2018-12-14)


[1]: Odersky, Spoon, & Venners (2016). Programming in Scala (3rd Ed), (pp. 185-188)