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The xsbt-filter project provides the necessary functionality for filtering resources in an sbt project. The plugin's functionality is similar to Maven's resource filtering mechanism and is useful when migrating Maven projects that depend heavily on resource filtering.

This started as a fork of the excellent project sdb/xsbt-filter. It has been migrated to Sbt 1.0 and transformed to an AutoPlugin.


  • sbt 0.11.0 or later


This plugin scans your resources (e.g src/main/resources, src/test/resources) for variables (surrounded by ${ and }) and replaces them with values which can come from the system properties, your project properties and filter resources.

For example, if we have a resource src/main/resources/hello.txt containing:

Hello, ${name}

When copy-resources is executed, this will create a resource output hello.txt in the project's classes output directory. The variable (or property reference) ${name} will be replaced with the name of your project.

Filter resources are one way to add extra properties which can be used to substitute variables. By default the plug-in looks for filter resources in a filters directory under the source directories for the main (compile) and test configurations (src/main/filters and src/test/filters).


Add the following to your plugin configuration (in project/plugins/build.sbt):

addSbtPlugin("eu.edoardovencia.sbt" % "xsbt-filter" % "0.5")

If you want to use the latest snapshot version then you need to add the Sonatype OSS Maven repository:

resolvers += "Sonatype OSS snapshots repository" at "https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/"

addSbtPlugin("eu.edoardovencia.sbt" % "xsbt-filter" % "0.6-SNAPSHOT")

Add the default filter settings to your project in build.sbt:

seq(filterSettings: _*)


Build and install the plugin to use the latest SNAPSHOT version:

git clone git://github.com/edoardovencia/xsbt-filter.git
cd xsbt-filter
sbt publish-local

Default Configuration

The plugin comes with a set of default settings. This is what you get with the default configuration:

  • only .properties and .xml resources are filtered
  • filter resources (only .properties and .xml) should be placed under a directory filters
  • the following values are available as replacement values:
    • name, version, scalaVersion and a couple of other build settings (the setting name is used as key)
    • system properties
    • environment variables
    • the user-defined properties defined in filter resources
  • resources filtering is triggered when copy-resources is executed


Take a look at the source code for FilterPlugin for all settings.

Add the following to your build.sbt if you want to change any of the settings provided by this plugin:

import FilterKeys._

Filter resource paths

Use the filter-directory-name setting to configure the name of the directory containing the filters:

filterDirectoryName := "my-filters"

Use the include-filter setting to change the file filter that determines which filters to include:

includeFilter in (Compile, filters) ~= { f => f || ("*.props" | "*.conf") }

Filtered resource paths

Use the include-filter setting to change the file filter that determines which resources need to be filtered:

includeFilter in (Compile, filterResources) ~= { f => f || ("*.props" | "*.conf") }


Use the filter-extra-props setting to add extra properties to be used as replacement values:

extraProps += "author" -> "Foo Bar"

Use the filter-project-props setting to change the name of the properties which are derived from project settings to avoid collisions with other properties:

projectProps ~= { _ map (p => ("project." + p._1, p._2)) }


This project is licensed under the New BSD License.


Fork the repository, push your changes to a new branch and send me a merge request.

Build, test & publish


sbt scripted


See Deploying to Sonatype and Sonatype OSS Maven Repository Usage Guide for more information.

And finally in order to cross publish SBT plugins you have to do:

sbt ^publish