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An sbt plugin to dynamically set your version from git


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sbt-dynver is an sbt plugin to dynamically set your version from git.

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Add this to your sbt build plugins, in either project/plugins.sbt or project/dynver.sbt:

addSbtPlugin("com.dwijnand" % "sbt-dynver" % "3.0.0")

Then make sure to NOT set the version setting, otherwise you will override sbt-dynver.

In CI, you may need to run git fetch --tags if the repo is cloned with --no-tags.

Other than that, as sbt-dynver is an AutoPlugin that is all that is required.


version in ThisBuild, isSnapshot in ThisBuild and isVersionStable in ThisBuild will be automatically set to:

| Case                                                                 | version                        | isSnapshot | isVersionStable |
| -------------------------------------------------------------------- | ------------------------------ | ---------- | --------------- |
| when on tag v1.0.0, w/o local changes                                | 1.0.0                          | false      | true            |
| when on tag v1.0.0 with local changes                                | 1.0.0+0-1234abcd+20140707-1030 | true       | false           |
| when on tag v1.0.0 +3 commits, on commit 1234abcd, w/o local changes | 1.0.0+3-1234abcd               | true       | true            |
| when on tag v1.0.0 +3 commits, on commit 1234abcd with local changes | 1.0.0+3-1234abcd+20140707-1030 | true       | false           |
| when there are no tags, on commit 1234abcd, w/o local changes        | 1234abcd                       | true       | true            |
| when there are no tags, on commit 1234abcd with local changes        | 1234abcd+20140707-1030         | true       | false           |
| when there are no commits, or the project isn't a git repo           | HEAD+20140707-1030             | true       | false           |

Tag Requirements

In order to be recognized by sbt-dynver, tags must begin with the lowercase letter 'v' followed by a digit.

If you're not seeing what you expect, then start with this:

git tag -a v0.0.1 -m "Initial version tag for sbt-dynver"


  • dynver: Returns the dynamic version of your project, inferred from the git metadata
  • dynverCurrentDate: Returns the captured current date. Used for (a) the dirty suffix of dynverGitDescribeOutput and (b) the fallback version (e.g if not a git repo).
  • dynverGitDescribeOutput: Returns the captured git describe out, in a structured form. Useful to define a custom version string.
  • dynverCheckVersion: Checks if version and dynver match
  • dynverAssertVersion: Asserts if version and dynver match

Custom version string

Sometimes you want to customise the version string. It might be for personal preference, or for compatibility with another tool or spec.

As an example, Docker rejects tags which include +'s (#5).

A simply way to solve this is to simply post-process the value of version in ThisBuild (and optionally dynver in ThisBuild), for example by replacing '+' with '-':

version in ThisBuild ~= (_.replace('+', '-'))
 dynver in ThisBuild ~= (_.replace('+', '-'))

If instead you want to completely customise the string format you can use dynverGitDescribeOutput, dynverCurrentDate and sbtdynver.DynVer, like so:

def versionFmt(out: sbtdynver.GitDescribeOutput): String = {
  val dirtySuffix = out.dirtySuffix.dropPlus.mkString("-", "")
  if (out.isCleanAfterTag) out.ref.dropV.value + dirtySuffix // no commit info if clean after tag
  else out.ref.dropV.value + out.commitSuffix.mkString("-", "-", "") + dirtySuffix

def fallbackVersion(d: java.util.Date): String = s"HEAD-${sbtdynver.DynVer timestamp d}"

  version := dynverGitDescribeOutput.value.mkVersion(versionFmt, fallbackVersion(dynverCurrentDate.value)),
   dynver := {
     val d = new java.util.Date
     sbtdynver.DynVer.getGitDescribeOutput(d).mkVersion(versionFmt, fallbackVersion(d))

Essentially this:

  1. defines how to transform the structured output of git describe's into a string, with versionFmt
  2. defines the fallback version string, with fallbackVersion, and
  3. wires everything back together


  • git, on the PATH


Copyright 2016-2017 Dale Wijnand

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at


Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.