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Fast non-cryptographic hash functions for Scala. This library provides APIs for computing 32-bit and 64-bit hashes.

Currently implemented hash functions

Hash functions in this library can be accessed via either a standard API for hashing primitives, byte arrays, or Java ByteBuffers (direct and non-direct), or a streaming API for hashing stream-like objects such as InputStreams, Java NIO Channels, or Akka Streams. Hash functions should produce consistent output regardless of platform or endianness.

This library uses the sun.misc.Unsafe API internally. I might explore using the VarHandle API introduced in Java 9 in the future, but am currently still supporting Java 8.


Benchmarked against various other open-source implementations

  • Guava (MurmurHash3)
  • LZ4 Java (XxHash32 and XxHash64 - Includes JNI binding, pure Java, and Java+Unsafe implementations)
  • Scala (Scala's built-in scala.util.hashing.MurmurHash3)
  • Zero-Allocation-Hashing (XxHash64)







Running Locally

Benchmarks are located in the bench subproject and can be run using the sbt-jmh plugin.

To run all benchmarks with default settings


To run a specific benchmark with custom settings

bench/jmh:run -f 2 -wi 5 -i 5 XxHash64Bench

Getting Started

libraryDependencies += "com.desmondyeung.hashing" %% "scala-hashing" % "0.1.0"


This library defines the interfaces Hash32 and StreamingHash32 for computing 32-bit hashes and Hash64 and StreamingHash64 for computing 64-bit hashes. Classes extending StreamingHash32 or StreamingHash64 are not thread-safe.

The public API for Hash64 and StreamingHash64 can be seen below

trait Hash64 {
  def hashByte(input: Byte, seed: Long): Long
  def hashInt(input: Int, seed: Long): Long
  def hashLong(input: Long, seed: Long): Long
  def hashByteArray(input: Array[Byte], seed: Long): Long
  def hashByteArray(input: Array[Byte], offset: Int, length: Int, seed: Long): Long
  def hashByteBuffer(input: ByteBuffer, seed: Long): Long
  def hashByteBuffer(input: ByteBuffer, offset: Int, length: Int, seed: Long): Long

trait StreamingHash64 {
  def reset(): Unit
  def value: Long
  def updateByteArray(input: Array[Byte], offset: Int, length: Int): Unit
  def updateByteBuffer(input: ByteBuffer, offset: Int, length: Int): Unit

Using the standard API

import com.desmondyeung.hashing.XxHash64
import java.nio.ByteBuffer

// hash a long
val hash = XxHash64.hashLong(123, seed = 0)

// hash a Array[Byte]
val hash = XxHash64.hashByteArray(Array[Byte](123), seed = 0)

// hash a ByteBuffer
val hash = XxHash64.hashByteBuffer(ByteBuffer.wrap(Array[Byte](123)), seed = 0)

Using the streaming API

import com.desmondyeung.hashing.StreamingXxHash64
import java.nio.ByteBuffer

val checksum = StreamingXxHash64(seed = 0)
val channel  = new FileInputStream("/path/to/file.txt").getChannel
val chunk    = ByteBuffer.allocate(1024)

var bytesRead =
while (bytesRead > 0) {
  checksum.updateByteBuffer(chunk, 0, bytesRead)
  bytesRead =

val hash = checksum.value


Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License").