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Companion code for the Mastering Advanced Scala book

Version Matrix

Mastering Advanced Scala

This is the companion code repository for the Mastering Advanced Scala book published by Leanpub.


The code is organized into several subprojects. Each subproject corresponds to one specific chapter in the book and contains source files of featured standalone examples:

subproject featured library chapter status
typeclasses Simulacrum Advanced language features published
scalaz ScalaZ Exploring ScalaZ published
cats Cats Exploring Cats published
iteratees Understanding iteratees published
monix Monix Working with asynchronous code published
monocle Monocle Lenses and other optics published
fs2 FS2 Stream processing published
circe Circe Working with JSON published
shapeless Shapeless Generic programming with Shapeless published
finch Finch Purely functional HTTP services published
http4s http4s Purely functional HTTP services published
doobie doobie Database access with doobie published

All artifacts are fetched by sbt-coursier, which is a great project in its own right. Also, we're using Spire where precise arithmetic is required and ScalaTags for constructing HTML pages.