davegurnell / spandoc

Write Pandoc filters in Scala.

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Write Pandoc filters in Scala. Very early release. Still in development.

Copyright 2016 Dave Gurnell. Licensed Apache 2.

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Getting Started

Grab this library in an Ammonite script and use it with Pandoc's --filter parameter. Here's an example script:

// Filename: filter.scala
#!/usr/bin/env amm

import ammonite.repl._

interp.load.ivy("com.davegurnell" %% "spandoc" % "<<VERSION>>")


import spandoc._

// Define a transform. This one only transforms "inline" elements:
val uppercase = transofrm.TopDown.inline {
  case Str(str) =>

// Run the transform on stdin, printing the result to stdout:

Then run Pandoc using the --filter option to point to filter.scala:

bash$ echo 'Lorem ipsum' | pandoc --to=html --filter=./filter.scala