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Automatically perform shallow merges on case classes. Treat your data with the latest updates!

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A library for automatically performing shallow merges on case classes. Treat your data structures to the latest updates!

Copyright 2016 Dave Gurnell. Licensed Apache 2.

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Getting Started

Grab the code by adding the following to your build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "com.davegurnell" %% "bulletin" % "<<VERSION>>"

Create two case classes representing a data structure and an update:

case class Person(
  id: Long,
  name: String,
  email: Option[String])

case class Update(
  name: Option[String],
  email: Option[Option[String]])

Create instances of those classes:

val person = Person(123L, "Bruce Wayne", Some("bruce@waynemanor.com"))
val update = Update(Some("Batman"), Some(None))

And merge them!

import bulletin._

val updated = person merge update
// updated: Person = Person(123L, "Batman", None)

No update function is required.

Bulletin matches fields in Update to fields in Person by name and type.

If a field in the update has the same type as a field in the original, it always overwrites the original.

If a field in the update is an Option of a field in the original, it overwrites the original iff it is set to Some.

If you try to merge a data structure that doesn't conform to the correct patterns, you'll get a compile error:

person merge "This isn't an update!"
// compile error:
//   Cannot update a Person with a String.
//   Check the field types match up,
//   or manually create a Merge instance for these types.