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Immutable Random Numbers Generator

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🎲 Dice – an immutable RNG 🎲

Because rollInt > nextInt.

🎲 Usage 🎲


"games.datastrophic" %% "dice" % "0.2.2",

An example:

val (newDice, randomInt) = dice.rollInt(N)

This works well with State:

for {

  amount <- State[Dice, Int](_.rollInt(math.max(1, math.pow(value, 1d / 9).toInt)))
  spread <- State[Dice, ValueSpread](_.unsafeRollOneOf(List(SpreadEqually, SpreadStepOne, SpreadSquare)))
  bar <- foo(amount, spread)
} yield bar

🎲 Status 🎲

WIP, but used in our game: Blackout Age for almost every random thing there.

🎲 PCG – Permuted Congruential Generator 🎲

Internal RNG is based on The PCG Paper, implementation is adapted from PCG-Java.

Watch this great lecture of the paper's author to learn how that's different from java.util.Random.