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The Lucius REST API based on Spark-Jobserver

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This project provides the API for LuciusWeb to talk to. The API is a Spark Jobserver project. It needs to be compiled and the resulting jar has to be uploaded to the Spark-Jobserver.

There's still a lot of work to be done on this (version numbers don't reflect everything).


The documentation of the (old version) of the API is available in postman and can be found here.


Public data is not available yet.

Local Deployment

The easist approach is to spin up a Docker container containing a full Spark Jobserver stack. We have done some preparations, so that should be easy...

Setup: Word count

In order to test the setup, we will run an example provided by Spark Jobserver. Please follow the guide available here:

The short version is this:

docker run -d -p 8090:8090 -v /tmp/api/data:/app/data tverbeiren/jobserver

If this step is working, you can proceed to the next one.

Lucius API

Let's assume you've started the docker container as described earlier.

Start by downloading the latest assembly jar and store it under /tmp/api:

mv luciusapi_2.11-1.5.0-assembly.jar /tmp/api/

Now, in order to make life easy, some scripts are available. Two configuration files define the behavior of these scripts: config/ and config/initialize-docker.conf. Take a look at both to see what is going on. They are configured to work with the procedure described in this manual.

Start Lucius API by running the initialiation script:


Please note that the data needs to be present under /tmp/api/data for this to work. Looking at the configuration file, the following need to be available:

  • The preprocessed dataset, in binary Object Format.
  • The gene annotations file

Example output of the initialization step:

Initializing LuciusAPI API...

  "status": "ERROR",
  "result": "context luciusapi not found"
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "result": "Jar uploaded"
  "status": "SUCCESS",
  "result": "Context initialized"
  "duration": "Job not done yet",
  "classPath": "com.dataintuitive.luciusapi.initialize",
  "startTime": "2016-11-20T20:32:22.016Z",
  "context": "luciusapi",
  "status": "STARTED",
  "jobId": "008bd94e-7154-4089-849a-353404b68793"

If the data is not yet in preprocessed form, a preprocessing endpoint is available. The usage of this is explained later.

We currently provide only one script. The other scripts will be made available once a public test dataset can be uploaded.


The first scripts should result (depending on the dataset used) in output like this:

  "jobId": "c35e8929-9d1e-4a9e-9953-e78816a5a1c9",
  "result": {
    "info": "General statistics about the data",
    "header": ["statistic", "value"],
    "data": [["samples", 1344], ["genes", 978], ["compounds", 739]]

Please drop a note if you're interested in using/extending/... this project!