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Compile time checking of uuids and helper methods to make working with UUIDs ore

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This project aims to provide Tools and Helpers to make working with UUIDs more fun and generally be nice to the user.

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UUID String interpolator uuid and u with compile time checking

The library provides the string interpolators uuid and the shorthand u. Using the interpolator makes sure that all strings provided within the interpolator are valid UUIDs. This check happen at compile time.

import biz.neumann.NiceUUID._

// invalid UUID
scala> uuid"hello-i-am-no-uuid"
<console>:15: error: You provided a malformed UUID: hello-i-am-no-uuid
// valid uuid
scala> uuid"9ecce884-47fe-4ba4-a1bb-1a3d71ed6530"
res2: String = 9ecce884-47fe-4ba4-a1bb-1a3d71ed6530

pimp string with uuid method

Adds method .uuid to String. It is a nice way of calling Try( UUID.fromString ).

import biz.neumann.NiceUUID._

//valid UUID
scala> "9ecce884-47fe-4ba4-a1bb-1a3d71ed6530".uuid
res1: scala.util.Try[java.util.UUID] = Success(9ecce884-47fe-4ba4-a1bb-1a3d71ed6530)

// Invalid UUID
scala> "abc".uuid
res2: scala.util.Try[java.util.UUID] = Failure(java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid UUID string: abc)

Automatically convert an UUID to a String

This implcit conversion allows to use a UUID in place of a String

import biz.neumann.NiceUUID._

scala> def countChars(s: String): Int = s.size
countChars: (s: String)Int

scala> countChars( java.util.UUID.randomUUID )
res3: Int = 36

Compile time checked method , code only compiles if UUID provided is valid

A method, that returns a String encoding a UUID. It is checked at compile time and doesn't compile if given String is a valid UUID.

scala> stringEncodingUUID("9ecce884-47fe-4ba4-a1bb-1a3d71ed6530")
res0: String = 9ecce884-47fe-4ba4-a1bb-1a3d71ed6530

scala> stringEncodingUUID("hello world!")
<console>:14: error: You provided a malformed UUID: hello world!
       stringEncodingUUID("hello world!")

use NiceUUID in your projects


add this to your build.sbt

libraryDependencies += "biz.neumann" %% "nice-uuid" % "1.4"