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JDBC support for Gatling

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JDBC support for Gatling

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The JDBC extension for Gatling was originally created to accompany a blog post that shows how to extend Gatling. Currently, five SQL operations are supported. See below for the usage.


In order to avoid conflicts with io.gatling:gatling-jdbc the artifact name has been changed with version 2.0.1. Instead of gatling-jdbc it is now called jdbc-gatling (see issue #8). Apart from this, nothing changes. All package names etc. stayed the same.

Also, by forking it from it's original position the group id and the packages have changed! The correct import is now com.github.cuipengfei.... and the group id changed to com.github.cuipengfei.


libraryDependencies += "com.github.cuipengfei" %% "gatling-jdbc" % "version"

This fork added support for update operations.

For usage examples, please refer to the simulation examples in this repo.


Covering all SQL operations is a lot of work and some special commands might not be required for performance tests. Please keep in mind that the state of this Gatling extension can be considered experimental. Feel free to leave comments and create pull requests.


Firstly, you gotta have in your home .sbt/1.0/sonatype.sbt configured to contain your username and password for Sonatype. Secondly, open the sbt shell an perform the following steps:

  1. set pgpSecretRing := file("/home/<user>/.sbt/gpg/secring.asc") or where ever it is
  2. release

Executing the intergration tests

If you have to run Docker on your machine as sudo, then to execute the integration tests, sbt has to be started as sudo, too. Only sudo sbt gatling:test will then be allowed to start the container of the databases.


I'd like to thank my former employer codecentric for providing me the time and space to get started on this project and transform it to a publishable library.