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A Scala library for the Ambient Weather API.

There is already a Ambient Java API, but I wanted to try it in Scala.


You need an API key and an App key from Ambient Weather

 val appKey = "12345"
 val apiKey = "abcde"
 val aw = AmbientWeather(appKey, apiKey)
 # Get all weather devices
 val devicesTry: Try[Seq[DeviceData]] = aw.devices
    .map(devices => devices
        .foreach(device => println(aw.deviceData(device.macAddress))))


  • Using uPickle for JSON serialization, which has an out of the box limit of 64 fields in a case class. Device Data can have more than 64 fields, so I just commented out several.
  • I only have one Ambient Weather Device to try this on, so the Option fields are the ones that don't appear for my device, the WS-2902C.
  • No logging