commercetools / scraml

sbt-plugin to create API models from RAML

Version Matrix


latest release

sbt plugin that generates code from RAML files at build time.

Built on top of the commercetools/rest-modeling-framework and scalameta.

How to use

there is a test project that you can use as a starting point.

Running Tests

sbt scripted # runs all tests in src/sbt-test
sbt 'scripted sbt-scraml/simple' # runs a specific test (note use of quotes)

Building the examples project

The steps needed to build the examples project depend on whether or not you want to use a SNAPSHOT build or a published one.

Snapshot builds

First, publish a local copy of sbt-scraml:

sbt clean test publishLocal

Identify the snapshot version from the sbt output. It will look something like 0.8.5+9-294bb63c+20210915-1554-SNAPSHOT (expect completely different values of course)

Then, building examples can be done thusly:

cd ./examples
sbt -Dplugin.version=0.8.5+9-294bb63c+20210915-1554-SNAPSHOT compile

Release builds

Here, you will want to identify which published version to build with. Search Maven Central for the version you would like to use.

Next, run:

cd ./examples
sbt -Dplugin.version=9.9.9 compile    # where '9.9.9' is the version found above