code-star / sbt-findsecbugs

An SBT plugin for FindSecurityBugs

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An SBT plugin for FindSecurityBugs


Add to your plugins.sbt: "nl.codestar" % "sbt-findsecbugs" % "(current version)"

(You can find the current version here.)

You can now run sbt findSecBugs.


sbt-findsecbugs has one setting:

Setting Default Meaning
findSecBugsExcludeFile None Optionally provide a SpotBugs exclusion file.
findSecBugsFailOnMissingClass true Consider the 'missing class' flag as failure or not. Set this to 'false' in case you excpect and want to ignore missing class messages during the check.
findSecBugsParallel true In a multimodule build, whether to run the security check for all submodules in parallel. If you run into memory issues, it might help to set this to false.
findSecBugsPriorityThreshold Priority.Low Set the priority threshold. Bug instances must be at least as important as this priority to be reported. Possible values: High, Normal, Low, Experimental.
findSecBugs / artifactPath crossTarget.value / "findsecbugs" / "report.html" Output path for the resulting report.
findSecBugs / forkOptions derived from other settings Configuration for the forked JVM. Uses the corresponding settings (findSecBugs / javaOptions).

For developers of sbt-findsecbugs


The plugin can be tested manually by running sbt findSecBugs in the test-project The plugin has automated test which can be run by this command sbt scripted


To release a new version:

  • Get a bintray account and make sure you're a member of the code-star organization.
  • Run sbt publish