cjww-development / session-store

Scala Play! backend for storing user information on a session basis

Version Matrix

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Scala Play! backend service for storing temporary user data based on session id

How to run

sbt run

This will start the application on port 8400

How to run tests

sbt compile scalastyle coverage test it:test coverageReport

You can set an alias for this in .bashrc (ubuntu) or .bash_profile (mac)


Path Supported Methods Description
/session-store/session/:sessionId/cache POST Creates a session given the provided session id
/session-store/session/:sessionId/data/:key GET Fetches a particular session item given an id and key
/session-store/session/:sessionId PUT Updates the session given a session id and encrypted body
/session-store/session/:sessionId/destroy DELETE Destroys the session when given a session id