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ArangoDB driver for Scala.

The word 'Proteus' comes the adjective protean, with the general meaning of "versatile", "mutable", "capable of assuming many forms". "Protean" has positive connotations of flexibility, versatility and adaptability. The name Proteus is a nod to the versatile and many-formed nature of ArangoDB.

Getting Started

You may need to add the Sonatype nexus to your resolvers:

 resolvers ++= Seq("OSS" at "")


libraryDependencies += "com.cornfluence" % "proteus_2.12" % "0.6.7"



Note: Versions of Proteus less than 0.6.0 are for ArangoDB 2.x and built with Scala 2.11


To configure your application's ArangoDB user, you will need to add the following to your application.conf

 proteus {
   user = "username"       //arangodb default is:  "root"
   password = "password"   //arangodb default is:  ""


Client API

        val client = DocumentClient(name = "test")
        val client = GraphClient(name = "test")

Database API

Create a database:

        client.createDatabase("dbName", List(User(username = "user", password = "pass", active = true)))

Delete a database:


Collection API

        client.createCollection("dbName", testCollection)

        client.dropCollection("dbName", testCollection)

Document API

Create a document (returning the document id as a string):

        client.createDocument("dbName","testCollection","""{ "Hello": "World" }""")

Fetch all documents:

        client.getAllDocuments("dbName", "testCollection")

Fetch a single document:

        client.getDocument("dbName", "testCollection", "documentID")

Update/Replace a document:

        client.replaceDocument("dbName", "testCollection", "documentID","""{ "Hello": "World" }""")

Remove a document:

        client.deleteDocument("dbName", "testCollection", "documentID")

Graph API

(Graph API is still under some development)

Create a graph

        client.createGraph("graphName", List())

Drop a graph


Create a vertex collection

        client.createVertexCollection("graphName", "vertexCollectionName")

Create an edge collection

        client.createEdgeCollection("graphName", "edgeCollectionName", List("vertexCollectionName"), List("otherVertexCollectionName"))

Create a vertex

        client.createVertex("graphName", "vertexCollectionName", """{"free":"style"}""")

Create an edge

        client.createEdge("graphName", "edgeCollectionName", "typeName", "vertexOneID", "vertexTwoID")

Delete an edge

        client.deleteEdge("graphName", "edgeCollectionName", "edgeKey")

Delete an edge collection

        client.deleteEdgeCollection("graphName", "edgeCollectionName")

Delete a vertex

        client.deleteVertex("graphName", "vertexCollectionName", "vertexKey")

Delete a vertex collection

        client.deleteVertexCollection("graphName", "vertexCollectionName")