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Play Scala wrapper for the Firebase Cloud Messaging HTTP API


Firebase Cloud Messaging wrapper for Scala

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This small Scala Library makes it easy to send a notification through the FCM HTTP API. It allows you to:

  • Send a message to single/multiple devices
  • Handle updated tokens
  • Handle deleted/invalid tokens

This library makes use of the Play Standalone WS client.


  • Scala 2.11.x / 2.12.x



Easiest is to use a Typesafe Config file to configure FCM. In your application.conf add the following configuration:

fcm {
  endpoint = "<Google endpoint e.g.: https://fcm.googleapis.com/fcm/send>"
  key = "<your API key, available in the developer console>"
  dry-run = true # If true FCM will only validate your notifications but not send them!

Bind the DefaultFcmConfigProvider dependency to read the configuration from the application.conf:


You can also provide your own implementation of the FcmConfigProvider trait to get needed configuration.

Lastly you should also provide a standalone Play WS client.

Token repository

Implement the trait io.ceratech.fcm.TokenRepository in your codebase to handle updated/deleted tokens from the FCM server. The library expects an instance of the trait to be injectable. E.g. add the binding in code:


Sending notifications

Inject an instance of io.ceratech.fcm.FcmSender into your desired class and call sendNotification(FcmNotification, token).