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Galileo is the genesis of a symbolic and numerical math tool written in Scala; a Computer Algebra System (CAS). It's similar to matlab or octave, but has many features of maple and mathematica as well in the sense that it supports variables and symbolic calculations.

Differentiating features:

  • Support for tensor operations and differential geometry operations (Christoffel symbols, Ricci and Riemann tensors)
  • Powerful simplification rules (accessible using the simplify command)
  • Symbolic matrix manipulation (you can invert a matrix containing symbols)
  • Support for logic operations
  • Basic framework for rules driven proofs is available (e.g. prove(1/x==x^(-1)))

Galileo is available as both

Usage as a library

You can use Galileo as a mathematical library, using sbt, Maven etc. For details, see:

For Maven, one can use:


For sbt, one can use:

libraryDependencies += "com.github.cascala" %% "galileo" % "0.1.1"

Usage as a standalone tool (REPL)

Galileo uses the 'sbt' build system. After cloning the repository, running

sbt run

will launch the galileo interactive shell (REPL).

Detailed documentation

Detailed documentation is available for the