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Main repo for

Scala Functional REST libraries

Helper Scala libraries to work with REST API's on top of Http4s


object Dependencies {

  object Versions {
    val funkodeRestVersion = "0.0.1"

  object Libraries {
    val funkodeTaglessVersion = "io.funkode" %% "rest" % Versions.funkodeRestVersion

Error handling

This library offer an error model and a middleware, it will translate errors into proper HTTP Code responses


  trait RestError extends Throwable
  case class BadRequestError(...) extends RestError
  case class ForbiddenError(...) extends RestError
  case class NotFoundError(...) extends RestError
  case class ConflictError(...) extends RestError
  case class NotImplementedError(...) extends RestError
  case class RuntimeError(...) extends RestError

How to raise an error:

  def routesWithErrors[F[_]](implicit F: Sync[F]): HttpRoutes[F] = {

    val dsl = new Http4sDsl[F]{}
    import dsl._

    HttpRoutes.of[F] {

      case GET -> Root / "private" / section =>
        for {
          mockRequest <- F.raiseError[String](forbiddenError(s"Private section: $section"))
          response <- Ok(mockRequest)
        } yield {

Only thing you need is to register the middleware:

  val service = restErrorMidleware(routesWithErrors[IO]).orNotFound