The Bounded framework for Scala, Akka and Domain Driven Design

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The Bounded framework gives scala akka based extensions to easy build and test a Domain Driven Design application. With constructs and test fixtures for Aggregate Root and Projections the basic building blocks are available and more will be added soon. See Cafienne Bounded for more documentation and support

Release to maven

The setup as written by Leonard Ehrenfried is used. Please note that releasing towards maven is done via the site by closing the uploaded packages and releasing the thereafter.

Release command = sbt +publishSigned This will release for 2.12. Via you need to 'Close' the uploaded packages and thereafter 'Release' them.

Release notes


Improvements for TestableAggregateRoot. When a command cannot be handled a CommandHandlingException is thrown. When a command should not be handled by this aggregate root an IllegalCommandException is thrown