bwbecker / jsnlog-facade

A Scala.js facade for the JSNLog Javascript logging library.

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A Scala.js facade for the JSNLog library


JSNLog is a Javascript library for logging messages, either to the browser console or back to the web server via an Ajax call or both. See the JSNLog homepage for details. This is a Scala.JS facade for that library.

Besides the facade to JSNLog, this library also includes:

  • A facade for StackTraceJS. That Javascript library gives nice stacktraces in a variety of situations, with references to the Scala source files when source maps are available.
  • Enrichments to the JSNLog library to easily log exceptions with the Scala stacktraces to either the browser console, the server, or both.
  • An execution context that will catch unhandled errors running in Futures and log them.

Demo Project

In the demo folder is a Play project that uses jsnlog-facade. Look for the following details:

  • Configuration at the top of client/src/.../example/ScalaJSExample.scala.
  • Examples of logging information to the browser's console and server in that same file.
  • Examples of exceptions being caught and logged using the window's onerror function, a try/catch statement, and by a custom execution context (imported at the top of the file).
  • The controller that receives the logged messages is in server/app/controllers/LogCtrl.scala. The logger used here requires configuration from server/conf/logback.xml.
  • Including the Javascript libraries in views/main.scala.html.

Installing the library

To use jsnlog-facade, add this line to your libraryDependencies:

"ca.bwbecker" %%% "jsnlog-facade" % "0.1.0"

You'll also need to have the actual jsnlog and Stacktrace Javascript libraries loaded by your web application, of course.