bitlap / scala-macro-tools

Toy project for learning Scala macro and AST

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scala macro and abstract syntax tree learning code.


  • Argument

    • verbose Whether to enable detailed log.
    • withFieldName Whether to include the name of the field in the toString.
    • withInternalField Whether to include the fields defined within a class.
    • Support case class and class.
  • Example

class TestClass(val i: Int = 0, var j: Int) {
  val y: Int = 0
  var z: String = "hello"
  var x: String = "world"

println(new TestClass(1, 2));
withInternalField / withFieldName false true
false TestClass(1, 2) TestClass(i=0, j=2)
true TestClass(1, 2, 0, hello, world) TestClass(i=1, j=2, y=0, z=hello, x=world)