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playpen: A way to Play! safely

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Playpen: A way to Play! safely

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A general suite of utilities and other common code when building Play apps.

How to Use

Add playpen to your build system.

For sbt:

"com.beamly.playpen" %% "playpen" % "0.3.0"

For maven:


(where scala.binary is defined somewhere as 2.11)

Configure playpen.HttpAccessLoggingFilter

Add HttpAccessLoggingFilter to the list of http filters.

If you are using runtime dependency injection, follow the Play documentation

If you are using compile time dependency injection, add the HttpAccessLoggingFilter to httpFilters as in:

import playpen.HttpAccessLoggingFilter

class MyComponents(context: Context) extends BuiltInComponentsFromContext(context) {
  lazy val router = Router.empty
  override lazy val httpFilters = Seq(HttpAccessLoggingFilter)


  • Scala 2.11.x
  • JodaTime 2.x
  • Play 2.4.x
  • Slf4J 1.7.x

How to Release

  • Bump version in README
  • sbt release, responding to prompt as such (for example): Release (relative) version: 3 Next release series [0.1]: [CTRL-D] [info] Not bumping release series Next (relative) version: 4-SNAPSHOT
  • sbt sonatypeRelease
  • git push --follow-tags
  • git checkout the tag again
  • sbt ghpagesPushSite