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Toolkit for monitoring applications written in functional Scala using Datadog and Cats.

Goal of this project is to make great monitoring as easy as possible.

In addition to basic monitoring utilities, we also provide bunch of plug-and-play modules that do monitoring for you. Currently those are:

  • JVM monitoring
  • Http4s monitoring

Quick start

Latest version: Download

To add all packages, add to build.sbt:

libraryDependencies += "" %% "datadog4s" % "latestVersion" 

Or pick and choose from the available packages:

dependency name notes
"" %% "datadog4s" % "latestVersion" all-you-can-eat ... all the available packages
"" %% "datadog4s-api" % "latestVersion" api classes
"" %% "datadog4s-statsd" % "latestVersion" statsd implementation of api classes
"" %% "datadog4s-jvm" % "latestVersion" support for monitoring JVM itself
"" %% "datadog4s-http4s" % "latestVersion" monitoring support for http4s framework


For documentation, please read our user guide.