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What is AutoMan?

AutoMan is the first fully automatic crowdprogramming system. With AutoMan, you declaratively define human functions and use them just as you would ordinary functions. Focus on your application logic instead of MTurk code.

AutoMan is currently available as a library for Scala.


  def which_one() = radio (
    budget = 5.00,
    text = "Which one of these does not belong?",
    options = (
      choice('oscar, "Oscar the Grouch", ""),
      choice('kermit, "Kermit the Frog", ""),
      choice('spongebob, "Spongebob Squarepants", ""),
      choice('cookiemonster, "Cookie Monster", ""),
      choice('thecount, "The Count", "")

This function produces an MTurk task that looks like this:

A "radio button" question with 5 options, including images.

The function can be called like any other function in Scala:


Notice in the above declaration and function call, there was no need to specify task wages, the number of workers, how to handle network errors or other system failures, or how to determine whether answers are good. AutoMan automatically handles pricing, quality control, and task management.

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