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Generate typesafe Java and Scala REST API clients

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Type safe Java and Scala RAML client generator

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Scraml generates a typesafe Java or Scala client library based on a RAML specification. It transforms JSON schema into fully typed Java POJOs or Scala case classes and a REST resources DSL that enforces your RAML specification. We also support Typescript TO generation and HTML documentation generation. Plugins are available for maven, gradle and sbt.


Follow the steps in these quickstart guidelines:

  1. Java Quickstart
  2. Scala Quickstart

Release notes

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Enable code generation with scraml in your project with the scraml-maven-plugin, the scraml-gradle-plugin or the scraml-sbt-plugin. Have a look at the scraml-test-java, the scraml-test-java-gradle and the scraml-test-scala projects respectively for an example of how to enable scraml in you projects.

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Copyright 2018 Atomic BITS bvba. Code released under the Apache 2.0 License.