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This Spark module allows saving DataFrame as BigQuery table.

The project was inspired by spotify/spark-bigquery, but there are several differences:

  • JSON is used as an intermediate format instead of Avro. This allows having fields on different levels named the same:
  "obj": {
    "data": {
      "data": {}
  • DataFrame's schema is automatically adapted to a legal one:

    1. Illegal characters are replaced with _
    2. Field names are converted to lower case to avoid ambiguity
    3. Duplicate field names are given a numeric suffix (_1, _2, etc.)


Including spark-bigquery into your project





To use it in a local SBT console first add the package as a dependency then set up your project details

resolvers += Opts.resolver.sonatypeSnapshots

libraryDependencies += "com.appsflyer" %% "spark-bigquery" % "0.1.1"
import com.appsflyer.spark.bigquery._

// Set up GCP credentials

// Set up BigQuery project and bucket

// Set up BigQuery dataset location, default is US

Saving DataFrame using BigQuery Hadoop writer API

import com.appsflyer.spark.bigquery._

val df = ...

Reading DataFrame From BigQuery

import com.appsflyer.spark.bigquery._

// Load everything from a table
val table = sqlContext.bigQueryTable("bigquery-public-data:samples.shakespeare")

// Load results from a SQL query
// Only legacy SQL dialect is supported for now
val df = sqlContext.bigQuerySelect(
  "SELECT word, word_count FROM [bigquery-public-data:samples.shakespeare]")

Saving DataFrame using BigQuery streaming API

import com.appsflyer.spark.bigquery._

val df = ...

Update Schemas

You can also allow the saving of a dataframe to update a schema:

import com.appsflyer.spark.bigquery._


Notes on using this API:

  • Target data set must already exist


Copyright 2016 Appsflyer.

Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0: