allwefantasy / delta-plus

A library based on delta for Spark and MLSQL


Delta Plus

A library based on delta for Spark and MLSQL.


This library requires Spark 2.4+ (tested).


You can link against this library in your program at the following coordinates:

Scala 2.11

groupId: tech.mlsql
artifactId: delta-plus_2.11
version: 0.1.5


  1. Compaction can not be applied to delta table which will be operated by upsert/delete action.


We have already added Upsert/Delete/Compaction features for delta 0.2.0.

DataSource API:

option("idCols","id"). // this means will execute upsert
option("operation","delete"). // this means will delete  data in df


when idCols and operation is not configured, then we will execute normal Append/Overwrite operation. If you have idCols setup, then it will execute Upsert operation. If you have idCols, operation both setup and operation equal to delete, then it will delete table records in df.

Notice that if the data which will be written to the delta table have duplicate records, delta-plus will throw exception by default. If you wanna do deduplicating, set dropDeduplicate as true.

Spark Code for Compaction:

val optimizeTableInDelta = CompactTableInDelta(log,
            new DeltaOptions(Map[String, String](), df.sparkSession.sessionState.conf), Seq(), Map(
              CompactTableInDelta.COMPACT_VERSION_OPTION -> "8",
              CompactTableInDelta.COMPACT_NUM_FILE_PER_DIR -> "1",
              CompactTableInDelta.COMPACT_RETRY_TIMES_FOR_LOCK -> "60"
val items =

MLSQL Code for Compaction:

-- compact table1 files before version 10, and make 
-- sure every partition only have one file
!delta compact /delta/table1 10 1;

You can use !delta history /delta/table1; to get the history of the table.

MLSQL Code for binlog sync:

-- binlogRate can be used to as the sinker of spark binlog datasource.
-- It supports multi table sync at one time.
save append table1  
as binlogRate.`/tmp/binlog1/{db}/{table}` 
options mode="Append"
and idCols="id"
and duration="5"
and checkpointLocation="/tmp/cpl-binlog2";

-- if used in stream, please use rate instead of delta.
load delta.`/tmp/table1` as table1;

binlogRate is a new datasource which can write multi delta table from binlog table in stream job. It can only be used in MLSQL for now.

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