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Run apps from Ivy/artifact modules

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artifact-app runs apps from Ivy/Maven modules, a bit like conscript does, but in a more flexible way. No extra dependencies have to be added to your applications, these are run with standard main methods.

Usage as a library

Add to your build.sbt

resolvers += Resolver.sonatypeRepo("snapshots")

libraryDependencies +=
  "com.github.alexarchambault.artifact" %% "artifact-app" % "0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"

The main method exposed by artifact-app is the apply method of the singleton,

def apply(
  resolvers: List[String],
  noDefaultResolvers: Boolean,
  snapshotResolvers: Boolean,
  modules: List[String],
  mainClass: String,
  scalaVersion: String,
  forceScalaVersion: Boolean,
  forkJavaOption: List[String],
  fork: Boolean,
  printClassPath: Boolean,
  quiet: Boolean
): String \/ (Seq[String] => Unit)

which returns either a function that can be called to run mainClass in a classpath calculated for modules using the resolvers, or an error message.

Some default resolvers (sonatype, local, ...) are provided by default, and can be disabled with the noDefaultResolvers and snapshotResolvers options.

scalaVersion suggests a Scala version to be used, and this version can be forced with the forcedScalaVersion flag (which can force the version of the Scala JARs on the classpath).

The underlying app can be run from the same JVM, or from a fork with the fork flag. The printClassPath and quiet options control the verbosity of the launched app.

Example of usage:

  resolvers = Nil,
  noDefaultResolvers = false,
  snapshotResolvers = true,
  modules = List(
    "sh.jove %% jove-console % 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT",
    "sh.jove %% jove-scala % 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT"
  mainClass = "jove.console.JoveConsole",
  scalaVersion = "2.11.5",
  forceScalaVersion = false,
  forkJavaOption = Nil,
  fork = false,
  printClassPath = false,
  quiet = false
) match {
  case -\/(err) =>
    // Failed, 
    Console.err println s"Unable to launch underlying app: $err"
    sys exit 1
  case \/-(main) =>

artifact-app is built for both Scala 2.10 and 2.11. Launching of forked JVM uses jvm-fork.

Usage as an app

The easiest way to setup artifact-app is to bootstrap it with conscript,

$ cs alexarchambault/artifact-app

Then run it with

$ artifact-app # arguments ...

Run artifact-app --help to get a list of the available options.


Run artifact-app with itself, e.g.:

$ artifact-app -S -M "com.github.alexarchambault.artifact %% artifact-app-cli % 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT" \
    -m \
    --scala-version "2.11.5" \
    -- --help


$ artifact-app -S -M "com.github.alexarchambault.artifact %% artifact-app-cli % 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT" \
    -m \
    --scala-version "2.11.5" \
    -- -S -M "com.github.alexarchambault.artifact %% artifact-app-cli % 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT" \
    -m \
    --scala-version "2.11.5" \
    -- --help

which is artifact-app, itself launching artifact-app, itself launching artifact-app, itself printing its help message.

More useful examples coming soon.


Copyright 2015 Alexandre Archambault

Released under the Apache 2 license.