alejandrohdezma / sbt-fix

SBT plugin that enhances scalafix & scalafmt duo

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SBT plugin that enhances scalafix & scalafmt duo

This project no longer enables synchronizing configuration across repositories. To enable that functionality, please check alejandrohdezma/sbt-scalafix-defaults and alejandrohdezma/sbt-scalafmt-defaults.

If you want to provide your own organization's configuration you can use the previous repositories as templates and edit the .scalafix.conf and .scalafmt.conf at will.


Add the following line to your plugins.sbt file:

addSbtPlugin("com.alejandrohdezma" %% "sbt-fix" % "0.7.0")


This plugin adds a fix command to every project in the build.

This command can be used to launch both scalafmt and scalafix in all supported configurations.


It can also be used for checking that all files have been fixed with both tools, exiting with non-zero code on violations, by appending the --check argument (which can be used in CI to check formatting easily).

fix --check