akka / akka-paradox

Akka Paradox theme and extensions


Paradox for Akka documentation

This plugin extends the Paradox sbt plugin with some default settings and sets the Akka Paradox theme.

It is intended as a shared doc theme for the Akka umbrella of projects, and not as a public theme to use on "any" project.


Use the sbt plugin for Akka Paradox:

addSbtPlugin("com.lightbend.akka" % "sbt-paradox-akka" % "<version>")

Enable it instead of the upstream ParadoxPlugin:


And add JCenter resolver to the project where AkkaParadoxPlugin is enabled. This is needed for the Akka Paradox Theme to be resolved:

resolvers += Resolver.jcenterRepo

For more settings refer to the Paradox documentation


When you have made changes to akka-paradox, you can test it locally with:

sbt publishLocal sbtPlugin/scripted

This should show:

Pausing in /tmp/sbt_e457458e/simple
Press enter to continue.

Now in your browser you can see the docs at file:///tmp/sbt_e457458e/simple/target/paradox/site/main/index.html