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Scala Native implementation for java.time in JDK8

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scalanative-java-time is a BSD-licensed reimplementation of the java.time API of JDK8 for Scala native. It enables this API in Scalanative projects.


Simply add the following line to your sbt settings:

nativeLinkStubs := true

libraryDependencies += "org.akka-js" %%% "scalanative-java-time" % "0.0.2"

If you have a crossProject, the setting must be used only in the Native part:

lazy val myCross = crossProject
    nativeLinkStubs := true,
    libraryDependencies += "org.akka-js" %%% "scalanative-java-time" % "0.0.2"

Requirement: you must use a host JDK8 to build your project, i.e., to launch sbt. scalanative-java-time does not work on earlier JDKs.

Work in Progress / linking errors

This library is a work in progress. There are still many classes and methods that have not been implemented yet. If you use any of those, you will get linking errors.

Feel free to contribute to extend the set of supported classes and methods!


This library is a direct port of scalajs-java-time for Scala.js to Scala native, special thanks to the original creators and contributors.


scalanative-java-time is distributed under the BSD 3-Clause license.


Follow the contributing guide.